On the Money

Ron Irwin

Currently at Burbank’s venerable Victory Theatre is Kos Kostmayer’s exhilarating tale “On The Money.” It is a brilliant revelation of human emotion exquisitely executed by a truly stellar cast. This is live theatre at its very best.

The story centers on three over worked and under paid restaurant bar employees one of whom has a sure fire plan to get even with their greedy boss. All three eventually agree to execute this perfect plan which, of course, turns out to be far less than perfect. It is a powerful portrayal of the human condition told mostly with grand hilarity but concluded with a totally shocking and audience grabbing slice of terror.

The performances by every cast member is pure A list. I cannot recall the last time I was treated to such superb acting at any venue. From beginning to end the actors brought the audience fully into the moment as if everyone were simply an engaged part of all that was going on. It was completely real and therefore totally entertaining. Consequently I specifically salute the entire cast. Jonathan Kells Phillips (Jack), David Fraioli (Benny), Maria Tomas (Nancy), Vincent Guastaferro (cand), Cara Manuele (Maria), Jeff Kober (T.C. Hopper), Tony Maggio (Wallace), Robert Dominick Jones (Cheevr), Luca Rodriguez (Marvin Cutter) and Michael Filipowich (Johnny B.).

Los Angeles Drama Critic Award winning playwright, screenwriter, novelist and poet Kos Kostmayer is the brilliant creator of “On The Money.” It is brought to life onstage by the team work of Tom Ormeny. Director, Maria Gobetti, Artistic Director and Marie Rose, Co_Producer. As a result of this collaboration what is currently onstage at the Victory Theatre is without question the best entertainment available in Southern California. If you enjoy great acting, a witty and compelling tale and overall spell binding entertainment then by all measure “On The Money” is a must see show.

“On The Money” is at the Victory Theatre, 3326 West Victory Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505 now through March 2nd, 2014. Show times are Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 4 pm. Ticket prices start at $20. Further information and reservations is available by calling 818-841-5421 or going online to www.thevistorytheatrecenter.org.