With A Lion In My Cry

For my wife, on her birthday, after 25 years of marriage
I come to you today
With a heron on my shoulder
With a jaguar in my eye
With a monkey in my laugh
With a lizard in my look
With a fish in every whisper, I come to you.

I come to you today
With a flower in my mouth
With a snake around my waist
With a cougar in my care
With a kitten in my touch
With a pig in every wish, I come to you.

I come to you today
With a rabbit in my leap
With a bull in my desire
With a leopard in my heart
With a lamb in my delight
With a lion in my cry, I come to you, I reach for you, 

I reach for you and hold you dear
Until such time
As loving teaches us
How each of us must finally
Die.  Then how we tremble, oh my darling,
How we blossom on that day.
How we gather all together.
How we mingle:  How we fly!