Baseball Dream


The game and the setting are always the same.
The stands are filled with hanging judges
Hurling stones and howling for his blood.
They are dressed in black satin bowling jackets
And red hot pants.  All wear badges.  All have guns.

Centuries separate home plate from first base.
The pitcher tosses hand grenades to a simian catcher.
The umpire wears a black hood
And carries an ax the size of a canoe
In his back pocket.  He has no eyes.  Why is that?

Bases loaded, two down.  
The red warning light burns into his brain.
The wires inside his mind begin to smoke.
He steps into the box and chokes up.
The fans are quiet now.  You could hear a pin drop.

As the pitcher pumps, spins and throws,
Paralysis sets in.  He tries to swing,
But his limbs are frozen.  As the ball floats by,
His pants fall down.  The fans begin to laugh.
Someone is sobbing.  The game begins again.